Thursday, June 29, 2006

Week 36

As you can see from the last pictures posted my belly is really growing! There are about 4 weeks left, give or take, and I know she is only going to grow more! I am really ready to meet her but I am fine with her staying in there a bit longer to fatten up. I'm also beginning to realize just how little time there is left to feel her moving around inside me. Pretty soon I will have to share her with the rest of the world. She's been very active this week and I've been enjoying the heck out of it. I'm starting to experience the indigestion and heartburn again, still swelling, and still have the pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel, but it's all tolerable. Secretly, I am really looking foward to my ankles and feet not swelling anymore and actually being able to feel the fingertips on my right hand!

I had a doctor's appointment this past Wednesday. He did a cervix check and it is still closed tight and unchanged. Oh well. I guess Miss Mia is very content with her little home right now. She's giving mommy and daddy a little more time to get ready for her. As soon as we finish a task, I still feel like there are a million more left to do. I really need to make an actual list instead of keeping it in my head. It probably won't seem so overwhelming if I put it in writing.

I've had to spend a couple of mornings at home this week getting the computer set up for remote access to work at home. My new work schedule begins on Monday and I am so looking forward to working in my pjs two days a week. It will make things much easier on me during this last month of pregnancy.

Until next time....

Friday, June 23, 2006

Week 35

Whoa! Check out that belly! It's something else, huh? I don't realize how big it's getting until I see a picture. Clay took these last night so these are the official week 35 pics. We are doing just great. Can't complain too much, anyway. Actually, I can, but it's gets boring after awhile. Just ask Clay! LOL!

I was having some trouble with heartburn for a little while, but I haven't had any for the past 3 days. Woohoo! I don't know if that means she is starting to move down a little bit or what. She still stills pretty high to me and I still get little feet in my ribs. All in all, I'm feeling pretty good.

I still do not have pictures of the nursery to post, but I will try again this weekend. Everything just seems to be falling into place. We met with a pediatrician yesterday and we both liked her a lot so that is pretty much settled and something to scratch off the to-do list. Clay spoke with the lady that we wanted to keep Mia when I return to work and she has decided she wants to give that a try. We've had our breastfeeding class and our childbirthing class. We still need to figure out how to operate the car seat so we can actually bring Miss Mia home from the hospital. We've also been inventorying everything we've received from the showers and figuring out what we still need. Luckily, we have a huge gift card from Babies R Us to help us out.

I think that is all I have to report at the moment. I will work on those nursery pictures this weekend....promise. :)

Friday, June 16, 2006

Week 34

Happy 34th Week! We had an appointment this morning with the doctor and we are doing just great. Our next appointment is June 28th and after that we will have appointments every week. We are getting so close! I would really love to deliver a week or two early and the doctor is fine with that as long as I am at least 37 weeks along. It's very likely, but I really don't want to go into August. I am ready to meet our little sweet pea.

Clay surprised me again last night and brought the changing table home with the pad and cover. He's really good about keeping those secrets and surprising me with them at just the right time. ;-) He unpacked it and it looks great in her room. I am going to try to get some pictures this weekend to post. We have been taking inventory on all the things we received at the showers and trying to figure out what we still need. It's been so much fun! All we need now is the little munchkin!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Our second baby shower

We had such a wonderful time! The shower was held in the evening, outside by Papa's pool. Yes, it was really hot and I wanted to jump into that pool on more than one occasion but only ended up with my swollen feet dangling in at the end of the night.

Actually, once the sun went down completely, it cooled off and we were left with a nice breeze. The guest turn-out was more than I was expecting and the amount of gifts were also way more than I was expecting.

Mia received some really cute clothes, accessories for her room, frilly girlie accessories, the dresser/changing table that matches her furniture, the stroller/car seat travel system, a swing that vibrates, some Gamecock items including her first Cocky doll, rain boots, a tiny bathing suit and cover up for next summer, the beautiful crib bedding courtesy of her Auntie Kim and tons of other stuff I know I am forgetting.

The food tables were amazing and the cake, delicious and one of my favorite parts.

The adult beverages looked tasty although I did not partake in those.

The pictures shown here are the only ones I have so far that turned out good. It was a beautiful shower and everyone was so sweet and generous.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Week 33

It's almost hard to fathom that I only have approximately 7 weeks left. There have been times, and still are, where Mia's arrival seemed a lifetime away. Then there are moments like this where I wonder where the time has gone. WEEK 33! Just hard to imagine for me.

She is probably weighing a little over 4 pounds right now and could possibly measure anywhere from 17-18 inches. My baby girl is really growing. My belly button is hanging in there but it's just about gone. Funny thing about that, too. I discovered I have a tiny freckle inside my belly button. How that happened, I will never know, but I thought it was interesting. I can tell the space in there is getting cramped for her because her movements feel as if she is quite crowded. I get some serious nudges and bumps throughout the day and she's been really active this week. I realized last night that I don't have much longer to enjoy that movement.

Her room is a mess right now. There is luggage in the middle of the floor from our Hilton Head trip that I have not put up yet. Her crib is still full of the items she received at the shower last month. Clay surprised me the other night and brought home the armoire for her room. Yes, it's BIG! Hopefully, we'll figure out a way to arrange the room very soon. I'll probably start washing all of her clothes and blankets and such on Sunday and start putting them away in her new drawers. I'm just so ready for her room to be complete. I'm ready for everything to be just perfect for her arrival.

We have our childbirth class tomorrow and we are super excited about that. A tour of the labor and delivery floor is included. The hospital just remodeled that floor a couple of years ago and it's really nice. I've already seen it. :)

Tomorrow night is our second shower and as you might have guessed, we're excited about that, too! My good friend from Charlotte cannot make it but she sent a present which arrived yesterday. I was so excited that I could not even wait for Clay to get home. It was a box full of tiny bottles, pacifers, teething toys, crib toys, a book of nursery rhymes, a little pink dress with bloomers, a receiving blanket, a bib and burp cloth, and a memory book. There was SO much, I'm pretty sure I've forgotten to list some of it. It was so sweet and I cried. I will cry for just about any reasons these days! The generosity from everyone during this pregnancy has been overwhelming and yes, that makes me emotional.

And, Monday we have a breast-feeding class. I have these fairy-tale visions of Mia just latching on and things going perfectly but you just never know. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that BF works for us.

The next doctor's appointment is next Friday, the 16th. I think he'll probably check my cervix again and tell me "it's still nice and closed like it's supposed to be." ;-)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The babymoon

Ahhh, the ocean. Is there really anything better? It's so calming and powerful at the same time. We had a very relaxing extended weekend in Hilton Head. The weather was beautiful and it wasn't overly crowded. We did a little shopping, walking on the beach, splashing in the pool, and just plain sitting on our butts. One night we went for dinner at a seafood restaurant that overlooked the water and I had some delicious halibut, while Clay had Alaskian King crab legs for the first time. He was nice enough to share a bite with me and mmmmm, they were tasty! Another night we had Chinese at a little hole in the wall that we wish we had near home. They have the best chicken and broccoli. It's called the Red Dragon if you're ever in HH and want some good Chinese. The last night we had dinner at The Crazy Crab, although I like to call it the Crabby Crab because I think that sounds better. :) Sometimes, I just can't get enough fish and seafood. Can you tell I was really into eating?

We also entertained ourselves with a visit to a little discovery museum at the welcome center. My favorite part was going out back and taking some pictures with the marsh in the background. There really wasn't much to the museum at all.

Another favorite of the weekend for me was the gelato find. Found a little place on the island that served real gelato and it was so refreshing. I chose strawberry and literally could have sat there all day eating it. I can't wait until we go to Italy and have the real thing from the country it originated. Man, it's been way too long since I've been out of the country.

The last night we went to Harbourtown in Sea Pines. It's where the famous lighthouse is located. That's where we had dinner at The Crabby Crab and also drove over to the Salty Dog to listen to some music. Before dinner we walked over to the other side of the harbor to get shots of me with the lighthouse and the sunset in the background. While leaving that spot I tripped on an uneven spot in the sidewalk and if it weren't for Clay I would have landed flat on my face and my belly. My eyes welled up with tears at the slightest thought of landing on my belly. Pregnant women really do become the biggest klutzes.

What else can I say except our stay was just not long enough. Ideally, I would love to go again before Mia is born but I really don't see that happening. We are going to be pretty busy the next couple of weeks and by then I think it will be too close to the due date to be traveling away from home. It's not like the island is going anywhere and I'm sure we will make our yearly trip at least next June. And we'll have little Mia to take with us. I can just picture her splashing in the water and digging her toes in the wet sand. Now, THAT makes me smile.