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Welcome to the world, Harrison!

I posted a birth story when Mia was born and thought I would do the same for Harrison's. Enjoy!

On Sunday, June 1st (9 days before my due date) I woke up around 5:30am with contractions that were approximately every 10-15 minutes. They felt like menstrual cramps and I lay in the bed for about an hour without them letting up. I got up and decided to make coffee and breakfast and the moving around did not cause any change either. We were starting to get excited thinking this is the day! We decided to go for a family walk around the neighborhood at 9ish. It was a slow walk but the contractions were definitely manageable although they were starting to change patterns. We were out for about 30 minutes or so and decided to have some showers and get ready for a visit to GranE's house. We had previously made plans for MeMe to pick up Mia at 3:00 to spend the night since she spends every Monday with MeMe.

During the shower my contractions were starting to get stronger and the warm water felt so good on my back as I pressed my hands up against the shower wall. By 10:30, my contractions had become much stronger and were now about 5 minutes apart. I found myself sitting on the exercise ball for some comfort and it helped so much. Mia was so cute. Whenever a contraction would stop me in my tracks she would stop too and lean on whatever I was leaning on and make a moaning noise with me.

We decided that a trip to GranE’s was definitely out of the question and we were debating on whether or not to go to the hospital. Looking back, I’m not sure why there was any question about it at all. LOL! We didn’t call the hospital or the doctor and the thought never even occurred to either of us. I did call GranE to let her know that we would not be making our visit, and Clay did call MeMe to meet us at the hospital to pick up Mia.

By the time we reached the hospital just before noon, which thankfully, is only about a 10-15 minute drive, my contractions were only 2 minutes apart and quite painful. We parked in the parking lot and MeMe got there just in time. We walked up through the front doors and up to L&D. I think the nurses were annoyed with us because we had not called the doctor or anything. Sorry, we had other things on our minds! I got dressed in a gown and requested a doula and was trying my best to breath through the contractions. They checked my cervix at noon and I had already dilated to 5cm and was 90% effaced!! DH and I were both pleasantly surprised. I just knew I would get there and they would tell me 2cm, maybe 3cm.

The nurse was trying to get my IV and antibiotic going as I was GBS+ again. The nurse tried the top of my right hand and couldn’t get a good vein. So she tried my wrist on my left arm and after much digging gave up there and tried the top of my left hand. After much digging there and going through a vein she FINALLY got it. Not one single contraction made me actually cry but this woman’s crummy job on getting a port inserted did! The top of my left hand and wrist are completely bruised and still swollen 3 days later. Ridiculous!

My doula arrived around 1:00. She and Clay were both great coaches and a wonderful cheering section. I was doing well with breathing, cold washcloth to the face and even a fan. I was so HOT! Shortly after the doula arrived I opted for some Nubain. I had been planning a natural birth with no epidural and since I had made it to 5cm relatively easily I figured I could go all the way. The Nubain didn’t do anything for the pain but I was a little more relaxed. Around 1:45 I was having a contraction and toward the end of it I felt a tremendous amount of pressure. Just as I was about to tell everyone what I was feeling there was a small pop sound and my bag of water gushed all over the table. With Mia, it just trickled out. It was a wild feeling. The contractions got a bit stronger after my water broke. At 1:55, I had dilated to 8-9 cm and was still 90%effaced. By 2:15 I was completely dilated, feeling the "ring of fire" and SO ready to push.

I never dreamed that the urge to push was going to be so strong. The doctor on call was there and I’d never laid eyes on him before that day. I started pushing at 2:15 and it was definitely the hardest thing I have physically ever done. I didn’t push for long and I never felt like I could get good pushes going. One nurse kept telling me to hold my elbows out as I was holding on to the back of my knees but I just didn’t see where that was helping at all. I was trying my best not to push with my face. It felt like I just never quite got the hang of pushing. Every time I wanted to tell someone that the lying position was not working for me the urge to push was so uncontrollable that the words could never leave my mouth. After several pushes the doctor told me I was going to have to have an episiotomy and as much as I did not want it, I trusted that he was making the right decision. After 14 minutes and 7 pushes, little Harrison entered the world weighing 7 lbs 15 oz. I got to hold him immediately and he was just perfect. We cannot get over how much he looked like Mia did when she was born.

In addition to the episiotomy, I also tore up into the vagina. I can’t remember what the doctor called it exactly. It did not feel good while he was stitching me up, that’s for sure! He did promise me that once it healed I would never know it had been there. I have been feeling great and really am surprised at how good I have been feeling. The episiotomy site hasn’t really been bothersome so far. The recovery has been very easy. Harrison is breastfeeding very well and Mia is slowly adjusting to being a big sister. We are working on her being gentle with him. And we are loving them both very much! Clay has called me superwoman several times since that day and in all honesty, I did feel like superwoman! :)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

On the third day...

I snapped a couple of pics of Harrison with his eyes open.

As you can see... Harrison spends most of his time dreaming of the womb and eating. Thankfully he's a good eater like his sister was when she was a baby.

Mia is still a beautiful sweetheart, but is taking a little time to adjusting to having another person in the house.

Cindy and I are doing great. It's amazing how easy the adjustment to having very little sleep has been, considering we hadn't done it in about a year and a half. Tonight, we might just have to sit down and have a glass of wine together - for the first time since last fall.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Clayton Harrison Walsh Jr.'s Birthday!

He's here! Harrison arrived at 2:29pm weighing in at 7 lbs 15 oz. He and Mom are doing great! He seems a little tired from his journey.

Here are some pics...

Many more to come.
Happy Birthday, Harrison!

This could be the day

I woke up this morning around 5:27 having contractions. This could be the day!