Thursday, March 22, 2007

Almost 8 Months Old

Mia and Grandma Janice

I realize I must start every post off by saying, "I can't believe she's this old already", but that's how I feel when I realize another month has passed by. And so QUICKLY!!! We had an eventful week. We attended Aundrea's wedding last Friday and Mia was the cutest child there. She wore a pretty dress that Grandma Janice bought for her along with white patent leather shoes. She looks so precious. She was a perfect angel at the wedding and stole everyone's hearts. Aunt Connie and Uncle Jimmy were there along with Aunt Susan and Uncle Jeff. We had a good time.

Reagan, Mia, Erica, and Erin

Sunday, we went to visit Papa and Mia was able to see her Grandma Rhonda, Aunt Toni, Aunt Courtney and 3 of her cousins. They all had a fun time. Mia didn't quite know where to start with all that long blonde hair to play with. We had a nice dinner and Mia tried chicken for the very first time. She handled meat for the first time pretty well. She likes eating regular food and she still tolerates the strained stuff but she likes to chew and pick things up herself.

My mommy tells the funniest jokes.

I haven't caught it on film yet, but Mia can now wave bye-bye. She has a lazy bye-bye wave like she's brushing you off and the full-fledged wave where she puts her whole arm into it. She's such a smart girl. I have been teaching her to say mama and I think she's going to surprise me any day now with it.

Mia a.k.a. Big Girl also prefers to stand whenever we give her the chance. She needs help getting up but not for long, I'm sure. We all think she would be just as content to skip crawling and go right to walking. Here's a little snippet of her trying to pull herself up.

I got a little bit of video of Mia "playing" the piano. Grandma Rhonda is going to have to teach her how to really play someday. She's definitely got great potential. :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Friday, March 16, 2007

Quick Update

Mia now has 8 teeth and we believe she is also in the process of cutting a molar. The baby girl is a tooth producing machine! I sure hope they don't all fall out as fast as and as close together as they came in. Poor tooth fairy might have to file for bankruptcy!

Mia has been doing very well. She sleeping pretty good at night and occasionally she will sleep all the way through. I miss those nights. She got off track after getting her first cold. I had to take her to the doctor last week for an eye infection caused by the clogged tear duct. We had to do eye drops for about 5 days and let me tell you, she just LOVED that! It was really looking much better but I have noticed the last couple of days that it is watery again and she's waking up with dried gook in her eyes in the mornings. I am really hoping the tear duct opens up and stays open soon. If not, the pediatrician is talking about probing her eye! Not fun!

The following picture is for Mia's Birthday Buddy, Charli. Charli has been sick and we just learned today that she is traveling a rough road at the moment. This is a hug for you, Charli. Keep smiling and we love you, Sweetie!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Happy Birthday to Mommy

I had a fabulous 36th birthday. Spending it with Mia made it so much more special. Clay took us to Motor Supply for lunch where Mia sat up in a highchair (out in a restaurant) for the very first time. It was the perfect height for her to gnaw on the table. Gross. She only tried that once, thank goodness! She was a perfect angel and everyone oohed and ahhed over her.

After lunch we went to the park. It was very breezy, but such a pretty sunny day. I'm looking forward to the days when we can all go to the park and Clay and I will be spending the entire time chasing Mia. She's so much fun!

She had so much from with my present from GranE, I can only imagine what she is going to be like on her first birthday. Now, all I can think about it what do we want to do for her very first birthday to make it super special! I had a wonderful day, got some great presents, had some great food, and special birthday wishes by phone from people that I didn't get to see or spend time with yesterday. Life just doesn't get much better than yesterday.