Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Baby Boy 4d Image...

Here is your first picture of our little baby boy! He's trying to flex his muscles or something in this image. I've colored it up a little so that it's easier to see. Hope you like it! We never had 4d images of Mia while she was in utero. We think this is just too cool.

Hello everyone, new poster here...

Hi everyone... I'm Clay. I'm Cindy's husband and Mia's Daddy. Cindy has been quite busy keeping up with Mia lately, and so I'm going to start posting pics and thoughts every once in while just to help keep it up to date. The picture shown above is a picture of me when I was around Mia's age. I'll let you decide if she looks like me or not.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We had a wonderful Christmas. Mia was so much fun to watch opening presents and playing with her new toys. She was so cute when she noticed what Santa left for her in our living room. She still does not like Santa. She frowns and makes her disapproving sound whenever she sees his picture. I really hope we did not scar her for life. Here are some pictures to enjoy for now.

Yep, this thing is still in the living room! Mia loves it there, too.

What's up?

I love to dump the entire bag of building blocks on the floor.

Christmas festivities with the fam.

This Secret Santa toy is so cool!

Whatchu talkin' about, Howey?

I LOVE shoes!!!!

Some of my silly cousins.

Mommy, share your candy, please.

Please stop. You're mushing my face!

This looks fun!

Happy New Year!