Monday, April 09, 2007

Springtime is here!

Ahh, my second favorite season of the year, Spring. I love watching the grass turn green again, the flowers blooming and the trees coming back to life. It's a beautiful time of year. It is especially beautiful this year because we have Mia with us. She is blooming right along with the trees and the flowers. She is practicing her walking and crawling at the same time! She isn't actually crawling yet but she is getting up on her knees. She likes to pull up and stand a lot and then walk to us while holding our hands. She is ready to GO!

She absolutely made my day (like she doesn't do that every day) and said 'mama'. I know she has said it over at her MeMe's house, too, but she has moved on from that to a 'goo' sound. When I here her doing the 'goo', 'gook' sound I try to get her to say 'Mmm, good'.

I had to take her to the doctor again last week concerning her eye. It was getting very watery again and gooky. It was infected again, or still infected, not sure. We are trying the antibiotic drops again and so far they seem to be doing the trick again. We really want this tear duct to open up on its own and STAY open. I do not want them probing her eye. Just the thought makes me shudder! I can't imagine letting anyone stick something in my baby's beautiful eye. So, we are thinking positive thoughts and praying it opens up. While at her the doctor's office last week, they weighed her. She had all her clothes on and heavy shoes and she weighed 19 pounds 14 ounces. Her 9-month appointment is at the end of this month on the 30th.

We are having Mia Pia baptised on April 22nd. We are planning to start going to church on a regular basis. We were going to start on Easter Sunday but we did not make it, so no Easter pics to post. We are going to do a springtime picture of her and I will post that when it is ready.

I am still breastfeeding her and we plan to go at least a year with that. I'm so happy that it has worked out for us as well as it has! Mia loves her "real" food, though. She is eating 3 meals a day now and loves her fruits and veggies. I tried giving her asparagus spears the other night at dinner. She liked how she could pick them up by herself and chew on them, but she was not crazy about the taste. We will try that again some other time. I recently started giving her cheese toast so that she can feed herself and she absolutely LOVES it. I have to be careful and only give her a few pieces at a time because she will shovel them all in her mouth, one right after the other, until she has two cheeks full of cheese toast! She's so funny.

She recently tried cottage cheese and liked it. She had scrambled egg yolks (not the whites!) the other morning for breakfast. She seemed to like it okay. She is still a big fan of her oatmeal. She is even eating meat now! We are sticking mostly to chicken and turkey but she has had ham, too. I have been making her own little chicken dinners and she just gobbles them right up.