Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mia's Playground

Mia and I have been checking out the playgrounds all around town. This particular one did not have swings but we still had fun. She loves the sliding board and most of all she loves all the other kids. I was reminded how bratty and honest kids can be. One little girl came up to me and told me that Mia was too little to be there. Mia swatted at her and barely touched her and the little girl was whining that Mia hit her. Then the little girl started swinging on a bar next to where we had been playing and almost knocked Mia down. We left. Mia takes it all in stride and was not bothered by the little girl at all. Mommy on the other hand needs more practice at the playground and playing well with others. :)

Mia still loves the appliances. I have to watch her when I'm emptying the dishwasher now because she can climb onto the door. She likes to "help". She is the best helper, too!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Growing up so fast

I need to improve on my updates here, but who has the time! Miss Mia keeps me busy and I love it. She is getting into everything and it is so much fun. Shortly after returning home from Folly Beach, we took Mia to a children's museum in town called EdVenture. It is such a neat place. It is all hands on and encourages children to jump right in and touch everything.

There was a small section dedicated to toddlers, but the majority of the museum is geared towards older children. Mia had a lot of fun just being able to touch things and to be around all the people. We will definitely be going back. I can see her really enjoying it even more when she's a little older.

We attended my stepbrother's wedding a few weeks ago. The couple were married by the lake in the evening. It was hot but very nice. It was nearing Mia's bedtime but she was such a good girl and was happy to visit and be cute for everyone. She was so cute dancing with her daddy. I try not to think about her doing that at her OWN wedding. It is way to early to be getting all teary eyed about that.

Mia is doing great with her walking. It's amazing how far she's come in just one month. She is going from sitting to standing using only her legs with no assistance with holding on to anything. Babies are truly amazing. We are expecting her to start running any day now. LOL! We went out to eat last night and she walked all the way from the table to the truck. It was a bittersweet moment for mommy watching her big girl being such a big girl! And I can't forget to update about her many teeth. I discovered this morning that she now has 16 teeth. Yes, 16!! Her top right cuspid broke through Monday of last week and when I looked this morning, her left cuspid has also cut through the gums. People think she is older because of all of her teeth!

As you can see, Mia LOVES the stairs. We finally had to break down and buy a babygate to keep her from scooting up them all the time. Some of her other favorite playing spots in the house are the kitchen cabinets, specifically the "tupperware" cabinet. She really liked getting into the cabinets under the sink where the no-nos are kept, but we put cabinets locks on those and I received quite "the look" from her the first time she tried getting into those cabinets and could not. The still loves the fridge and the freezer and can now climb up onto the dishwasher door when it's open. I am starting to think we spend entirely too much time in the kitchen!

It is daddy's favorite time of year again: Football Season. Mommy got a new Under Armor (the most comfortable material!) shirt and Mia a new cheerleader outfit. She's the cutest cheerleader ever, if I do say so myself! Football season also means that she gets to spend more time with her GranE which GranE couldn't be happier about. The first game was last Saturday night and she even spent the night. I am still not sure how I am going to leave her for an ENTIRE WEEKEND in a couple of weeks when we go to NO. I will not even think about it.

That's about all I can think of right now. Oh yes, and she's getting so much more hair. It sticks up and I call her little fuzzy head. She ignores me and does not think it's as cute as I do. She is going to be quite the sassy handful. :)